Investing in mixed-use properties is an appealing opportunity for entrepreneurs and aspiring property owners alike. They combine both residential and commercial spaces, allowing buyers to purchase a primary residence while also investing in commercial property with a residential loan. This can be attractive for small business owners and can be financed through an FHA (Federal Housing Administration) loan for those that meet specific guidelines. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of mixed-use property financing, the advantages it offers, and how Max Property Finance can assist you every step of the way.

What are Mixed-Use Properties?

Mixed-use properties combine residential living spaces with commercial spaces. They can feature a variety of configurations to cater to different business types, such as offices for attorneys, retail spaces, or residential units adjoining a car park. These versatile properties provide convenience for business owners, employees, and residents, creating a balanced live-work environment.

FHA Loan for Mixed-Use Property Financing

One popular financing option for mixed-use properties is an FHA loan. They cater specifically to properties that feature one to four residential, single-family units. While FHA loans are primarily associated with financing residential properties, they also cater to mixed-use properties given they satisfy specific conditions.

Mixed-Use Property FHA Guidelines

Before considering an FHA loan for financing a mixed-use property, it’s crucial to understand the qualifying criteria. These guidelines ensure that the property complies with certain standards for both residential and commercial use:

  1. Residential Usage Proportion: At least 51% of the entire building’s square footage must be dedicated to residential use. This ensures that the property aligns with FHA’s primary focus on residential financing.
  2. Health and Safety Standards: The commercial use aspects of the property must not negatively impact the health and safety of the residential occupants.
  3. Legal and Zoning Compliance: The commercial portion of the property must be legally permitted, conforming to current zoning requirements in the property’s location.

Meeting these FHA guidelines ensures that your mixed-use property financing application will be considered and can offer potential borrowers a flexible and attractive financing option.

Advantages of Mixed-Use Property Financing

Investing in a mixed-use property and securing financing comes with several benefits:

Diversification of Income

Financing a mixed-use property allows the borrower to diversify their income streams. Property owners can collect rent from both residential and commercial tenants in the building, ultimately increasing the overall yield on their investment.

Convenience and Flexibility

Property owners who work in the commercial section of the property can experience the convenience of living and working in the same building, reducing the need to commute.

Tax Benefits

As a mixed-use property owner, you may be eligible for specific tax deductions related to the commercial portion of the building. Consult with a tax professional to ensure you maximise your tax benefits in such cases.

Tenant Variety

Mixed-use properties offer a broader tenant base, allowing for a more vibrant community. They also reduce the risk of having a full building vacancy since your sources of rental income are diversified.

The Max Property Finance Advantage

Max Property Finance offers comprehensive services to guide you through the mixed-use property financing journey. Here are some advantages of partnering with us:

Expert Advice

Our team of experts at Max Property Finance can provide personalised guidance to ensure the FHA loan approval process runs smoothly. We offer tailored solutions suitable for your specific needs.

Streamlined Process

At Max Property Finance, we understand the complexity of property financing, and our experienced team works diligently to streamline the entire process.

Competitive Rates

Through our industry experience and connections, Max Property Finance can secure competitive rates for mixed-use property financing to maximize your returns on investment.


Mixed-use property financing for primary residences offers a unique opportunity to combine residential and commercial investments under a single mortgage. FHA loans provide a flexible financing solution, accommodating mixed-use properties that meet specific guidelines. With numerous advantages, such as income diversification, convenience, and tax benefits, investing in mixed-use properties can be a wise choice for aspiring property owners and entrepreneurs alike.

If you’re considering mixed-use property financing, our dedicated team at Max Property Finance is here to help. We strive to understand your needs, guide you through the FHA loan process, and secure the best possible financing rates. Partner with Max Property Finance today and experience the difference, turning your property investment dreams into a reality.

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