So, you’re considering investing in a buy-to-let property and heard about a neat little option called a Property Investment Company?

Or you’re already a seasoned property professional looking to maximise your tax savings. No worries, friend, we’re here to break it down for you — just like a quick post-match pickleball breakdown!

Understanding a Property Investment Company

Picture this: You’re out on the pickleball court, racket in hand. You love the game so much that you plan to buy and transform a property into a fun-filled pickleball retreat.

Now, how do you go about this whole process?

If You’re Doing it Personally

Think of it as playing a singles game in pickleball. The pressure’s on you.

When you own a property personally, are you signing up for the deeds and any mortgages?

The property profits are up for your income tax.

Or Going for the Company Option

Have you got a team?

You’re in for doubles. Opting for a property investment company, a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), is like playing the game with a partner. Only here, you own the company that holds the property and bags the profits, which are then hit by corporation tax.

Property Investment: Challenges

Just as pickleball rules and strategies evolve, so does property investment. Recent changes in regulations and tax relief cuts have made the game more challenging.

So, how do you ace it?

A possible strategy: using limited companies to purchase properties!

Five Tax-Saving Strategies with Property Investment Companies: Game On!

Making A “Higher” Serve: High-rate taxpayer?

An investment company like Max Property Finance could decrease your tax liability. You might be looking at a potential win like a well-aimed pickleball serve.

Going All Out with Section 24:

Property investment companies can get the entire mortgage interest deducted, bringing down your tax bill. That’s like having a solid defensive strategy, keeping the ball (aka taxes) from your side of the court.

Scoring Quicker:

Dreaming of purchasing another buy-to-let property?

A property investment company can help you get there faster — almost like a sprint across the court!

Swinging at Dividend Profits:

Hoping to turn immediate profits?

A limited company’s got you covered. Like hitting a killer shot in pickleball, you might score tax advantages, boosting your game.

The Mixed-Ownership Double:

If you’re considering shifting your personally owned properties to a company, consider that it involves a quick rally of selling and buying, which could affect your costs — think of it as a swift exchange at the net in pickleball.

The Winning Shot

The beauty of all this?

You can mix and match your properties, keeping some personal and others in the property investment company, like a cleverly played doubles match in pickleball. You’re not just boosting your asset game; you’re enjoying it too!

Are you eager to hop into the property game like a fun pickleball match?

Let us help you achieve your financial goals while saving on taxes.

Ready to serve?

Let’s do this! Enjoy the game with Max Property Finance. Get started today!

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